Top 10 Modern Farmhouse Lights 2018

There have been many great trends in interior design spanning across traditional, contemporary and modern, but none have been nearly as popular as the new Modern Farmhouse Style in lighting and interior design.

The Modern Farmhouse Style brings a unique country and old school style that is both comfortable and timeless.

Today, we’re going to take a look at 10 of our personal favorite Modern Farmhouse 2018 light collections from Kichler and Murray Feiss (not in any specific order).

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Here we go!

#10 Marquee (Kichler)


Kichler Marquee

The Marquee collection from Kichler is one that really shows what modern farmhouse is all about. It portrays a very rustic look from the distressed wood and then adds with clear glass around beautiful Edison bulbs.

Who knew that simplicity could be elegant?


#9 Allier (Murray Feiss)

allier feiss


Murray Feiss has always been a great company when it comes to high-end lighting, and the Allier collection is no exception. To top off the unique orb design, “the Allier Collection features orbs made of aged oak which is kiln-dried to prevent cracking,” says Feiss. Say no more, take my money, Feiss!

This collection will complement any rustic home without a doubt.


#8 Montauk (Kichler)


Kichler Montauk

One of the first things anyone thinks about when they hear “farm” is “milk”, and Kichler brought that thought to reality with the Montauk collection.

Kichler brings back the olden days of “vintage milk cans” by turning them into beautifully simple pendants.

They come in both a three and single light pendant, with a gorgeous light blue exterior and a white enamel interior, which is sure to add a statement to your modern farmhouse project. Check it out here!

#7 Telan (Kichler)

telan kichler


The Telan collection from Kichler combines an elegant geometric design with whitewashed faux wood, polished nickel, and clear glass. “The effect is one that’s reminiscent of the past, yet looks at home amongst modern décor,” Kichler adds.

These pieces are some of our favorites for any Modern Farmhouse design and we think you will fall in love with them too!

#6 Grand Bank Pendalette (Kichler)


Kichler Grand Bank Pendalette

One of our favorite aspects of the Modern Farmhouse trend is the addition of rustic, spherical shapes to the world of lighting. With that being said, the Pendalette from Kichler’s Grand Bank Collection brings this idea to life beautifully.

The Pendalette can come in an eye-catching Auburn stained wood with black metal or a Distressed Antique Gray wood with Classic-Pewter Metal. Also, just to seal the deal, Kichler added in clear seeded glass to perfect the array of details in these fixtures.

The Grand Bank Pendalette will catch the eye of any guest, and will probably have them wanting one (or a couple) too!

#5 Brinley (Kichler)


kichler brinley

The Brinley Collection from Kichler adds yet another unique vibe to the Modern Farmhouse trend with the addition of a classic: mason jars.

All the fixtures in the Brinley collection come in a dark bronze finish with clear glass, and the main piece features multiple mason jar pendants to form a linear chandelier.

Where it gets interesting is that the pendants can either be hung at varying length and be kept apart from each other or can be pulled together with a cord ring to bring a unique look where the jars touch.

#4 Cuyahoga Mill (Kichler)

kichler cuyahoga


The Cuyahoga Mill Collection from Kichler boasts a bold Reclaimed Wood, Anvil Iron finish that when combined with Edison bulbs, will be sure to impress.

This linear chandelier gives off a comfortable vibe reminiscent of the outdoors that will bring a new level of warmth to whatever space it is placed in.

This is one our favorites, and we’re sure you’ll love it too! Click Here to check it out.

#3 Gannet (Feiss)


Feiss Gannet

The Gannet Collection from Feiss emanates a rustic flair with a finish of painted, distressed Weathered Oak on an Antique Forged Iron frame.

This collection is great for anyone who enjoys an open feel and looks to their fixtures.

#2 Angelo (Feiss)

Feiss Angelo


Feiss has created a rustic, industrial design that is perfect for just about any space in your home.

The clear glass shades, the two-toned finish of the Distressed Weathered Oak wooden frame and a Slated Grey Metal finish on the arms make for a tailored look.

The Angelo lighting collection includes a variety of chandeliers and a matching sconce.

#1 Ridgewood (Kichler)

Kichler Ridgewood


Kichler really hit the nail on the head with this one: “Sliding barn doors, rustic hardware, and authentic reclaimed wood: Ridgewood combines so many popular looks into one.”

We couldn’t agree more with that statement.

Everything about the Ridgewood chandelier is inspiring, and for that reason is another one of our favorites on this list.

My personal favorite detail is the slit in the middle of the wood on either side, allowing a bit of warm light from the Edison bulbs to escape through the sides.

The Reclaimed wood, Textured Black and Natural Brass detailing go perfectly together to create a true work of art.


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We hope that you enjoyed this top 10 list and were inspired by a few of the fixtures on this list! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us so we can make your Modern Farmhouse vision a reality!

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