We See Some Bright Trends in 2020

The new year is here, which means change is in the air. We love predicting what the biggest lighting trends of the year will be. And we have a pretty good feeling about the following predictions. 

Matte Black

Say hello to stylish and sleek! We’ve seen matte black take over as the preferred color scheme for home furnishings, plumbing devices and, now, lighting fixtures. What makes matte black such a popular choice? It’s a simple way to make a statement, of course! With just a few lighting fixtures, you can give your home a sophisticated and upscale feel. 

Geometric Designs

If you like a little edge (figuratively and literally), you’ll love this geometric trend. Geometric light fixtures work well alongside all design elements. Whether you want to spice up a light, airy room, or embellish an already lavish space, you can use geometric designs to fulfill your vision. 

Natural Elements

Everything in our world is shifting to au naturel, from the food we eat to the products we use to the cars we drive. Lighting is not far behind. Many homeowners are looking for natural elements in their lighting fixtures. Woven, basket-like lampshades are extremely popular at the moment, as well as rustic vanity lights. Earthy tones and colors, such as mocha, sienna, umber, caramel, beige, and forest green, can make homes feel cozy and warm.

Metallic Fixtures

Are you looking for a bold statement piece? Then you’ll love metallic lighting fixtures. These pieces glint in the light every which way, so they’re sure to catch your eye without distracting from the rest of your interior decor. Right now, gold is bold and big and bright. It can easily be combined with other metallic shades or used as a standalone piece. Don’t forget the elegance of silver or brass, though. These hues are perfect for giving your home a modern feel.  

Colorful Glass

Colorful glass can be one of the most beautiful pieces in your home. If you’re looking for something light that blends into your home decor flawlessly, you’ll love depression glass lighting fixtures. These accessories don’t have to be chandeliers; they can also be wall sconces, lamps, industrial pendant lighting, and much more. 

Looking to update your home? We’re here to help! Browse through our website for a wide selection of lighting fixtures and even purchase your favorite picks online. Finding which latest style is your perfect fit is truly that easy. 

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