Coastal Lighting and Decor to Bring Your Beach House to Life

It’s no secret that this year has been through more ups and downs than anticipated by anyone (in the world). Between the COVID-19 lockdown and everyday life struggles, most families are itching to get away for the summer, even if it’s just to the Jersey Shore for a weekend. Whether you own a beach house for personal use or rent it out for extra income in the summer, having the right coastal lightning and decor is the key to bringing your vacation home to life. Follow our tips below to do just that. 

Blue is so Beachy

If there’s one decorative scheme that’s almost always associated with the beach, it’s the color blue. Shades of blue are predominant in almost all coastal decor and lighting because they easily remind us of the beach and clear summer sky. If you’re ready to give your beach house a personality and submerge in the ocean blues, we have some amazing pieces for you to choose from. This Wrapped Rope Ceramic LED Table Lamp is simple with some coastal flair while this Dark Blue and Brushed Gold Scatter Table Lamp is a little more adventurous. You, of course, always have your pick of coastal art if you want to make the ocean your living room or bedroom wall background. 

Wicker is Wicked Cool

You don’t see wicker in most traditional homes unless the homeowner’s style leans towards rustic farmhouse lighting and decor, but it is BIG among coastal designs. Since wicker represents natural beauty and simplicity, it’s the perfect material for beach furniture, lighting, and decor. We can help bring a little more of this into your beach house with our Chatham Flush Mount and Cambay Square Mirrors Set

Light, Bright, and White

Nautical and coastal interior design are all about simplicity, and there’s nothing more simple than the color white. White can make any space feel bright and open, which is perfect for relaxing when you’re on vacation. With that mind, don’t be afraid to add more white to your color scheme. This Shell Shock Table Lamp is light, bright, and white with a little nautical twist. Or, if sweet and simple is your style, you’ll love this Sixpenny Blue Coral LED Table Lamp

Bring the Sea Indoors

If you feel right at home in the sea, you can bring the sea inside your home! Of course, by that, we mean sprucing up the place with a few beach accents and accessories, starting off with this hand-painted “Beach House” wooden sign that perfectly sets the tone for anyone who enters your home. Add a little whimsical elegance to your living room or bedroom with this Smoked Glass LED table lamp or make a statement with this bold Red Coral LED table lamp. Whichever route you choose, remember that less is more! Too many beach decorations can make the space feel claustrophobic, so keep it simple, crisp, and clean. 

We hope these tips have helped you get a better idea of how to decorate your beach house for the summer. Also, if you buy any coastal decor and lights online today, you can enjoy free shipping with your order!

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