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Black Finishes

Black is back. But really, did it ever leave? It's the new neutral. It's the finish of choice that can make a dramatic statement that owns a space, or simply is happy complementing what's around it. As a finish, it's a classic that never goes out of style.

What the little black dress is to the wardrobe, a black finish is to home decor. It works beautifully with what's trending, like saturated color and earth tones, and it can be an integral part of any style. From lighting fixtures to faucets and hardware to appliances, black finishes bring a refined and elegant look to your home.

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Soft Contemporary

Contemporary, But Cozier

Typical contemporary can have some pretty sharp edges. Soft contemporary balances the angular with an inviting look and feel, while keeping the focus on the clean lines and clutter-free spaces.

In Typical contemporary, neutral tones rules, as well as black and white. Soft contemporary brings in colors, fabrics, furniture and lighting that make a space more approachable and beautifully lived in. You can still have your curated art gallery down a hallway, but there will be a warmth to it. You can still have your marble and steel, but your wood flooring will provide a welcome contract.

Soft contemporary is also known as soft modern, and it started getting traction in the last half of the 20th Century. If you like typical contemporary, but want to make it a bit cozier, this is your style.

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The Art of Glam

Glam is glitz. It's luxorious. It's all that glitters. Glam does not, however, have to be the drama queen or the loud scene. It actually has a sensibility and a flexibility that can make it mor gracious or more gradiose - without being overwhelming.

You get to decide how Glam you want to go. The style is inspired by Old Hollywood, Art Deco, and time periods like the 70s. It's defined by features like touchable, plush farbircs, mirrored finishes, shiny metallics, and dramatic lighting. Glam has a magic to it, and it's easy to bring into your decor in a big way or small one.

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Updated Traditional

A New Take on Traditional

Well, hello Updated Traditional. We're so glad you're here. This new version is simpler, smarter and with a lot less fuss. It says bye-bye to what was stuffy and hello to what's lighter and more subtle. Original Traditional is rooted in English Country Style from a few centuries ago. Updated Traditional still carries serious decorative weight - without being so heavy. It still says yes to velvet and dramatic detail, but it's not so by the book and matchy-matchy.

This version is much more lived in and just short of casual. Bursts of well-placed color, found art and geometric patterns complement neutral walls and flooring to create a look that's contemporary yet comfy, with plenty of personality.

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Dual Finishes

Masterful Mixing of Metal Finishes

Metal finishes loves company. Polished nickel mingles well with matte black. Golds and whites are quite the stylish couple. There is a longstanding home decor rule that begs to be broken: matchy-matchiness.

Every knob, faucet, fixture and piece of hardware need not share the same finish or metal. And, you can bring in so much dimension with an eclectic mix that is a unique expression of your style. Once you know your finishes and metals and the looks they can create, you'll be on your way to becoming a master mixologist.

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